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Call to the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of USA to Azerbaijan on Jabbar Savalan

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Esteemed Mr Ambassador Bryza,

We, the people striving for establishment of universal values such as democracy, freedom of expression and speech, human rights in Azerbaijan, know the appreciation that USA, the country You are going to represent in Azerbaijan, assigns to these values. We believe that you are going to be an advocate of these values during Your time in our country as well.

Esteemed Mr Ambassador Bryza,

Let us bring to Your attention that on February 5 in the evening the member of the Youth Committee of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Jabbar Savalan was detained close to the building he lives at in Sumgayit. He was charged with the Article 234.1 of the Criminal Code (Illegal purchase or storage without a purpose of selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances in a quantity (amount) exceeding necessary for personal consumption). On February 7 it was ruled to sentence Jabbar Savalan for 2 month preliminary detention. The youth activist was not allowed to meet with his lawyers and family during his detention.

We know that Jabbar Savalan was arrested unlawfully and this arrest is a continuation of another wave of political repression of the Azerbaijani authorities. We consider that charges against Jabbar Savalan are absolutely trumped up. This is an operation that has been held on numerous occasions by the Azerbaijani law enforcement structures. We think that J.Savalan’s arrest is aimed to intimidate democratic-minded young people in Azerbaijan and stop their criticism of the authorities.

Esteemed Mr Ambassador Bryza,

All this coincides with the start of Your work in our country. We believe that you will not stay silent in the face of Jabbar Savalan’s unlawful arrest, the USA embassy will demonstrate sensitive attitude it usually shows in cases like this.

We ask You to bring our concern with respect to Jabbar Savalan’s unlawful arrest to president Ilham Aliyev’s attention during Your first meeting with him as an ambassador. We ask you to call the Azerbaijani government to be open to criticism and patient in this kind of situations.

We consider that your sensitiveness towards this issue will demonstrate your attitude towards such universal values as freedom of expression and speech, human rights and democracy.

We thank you for your understanding.

Defense Committee of Jabbar Savalan’s rights

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  1. Dr. Gurban Alakbarov
    February 8, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Freedom for Jabbar Savalan!

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